Philips SatinSoft HP-6527 Epilator Review

The philips satinsoft hp6527 comes complete with an array of attachments.

So what exactly separates one epilator from another? After all, they all work in a similar manner using similar technology.

An epilator is an electronic hair removal device. It is a marvellous little hand-held machine that plucks out hairs, roots and all. It is roughly the same size and shape as an electric razor. The business end of an epilator is a small rectangle of discs that rotate in such a way that they close around hairs and pull them out as they spin.

This offering from the boffins at Philips has many of the main features you’ve come to expect from us, however can the  SatinSoft HP 6527 take on the big boys of the epilating world?


The Philips SatinSoft HP6527 is rechargeable, which means that when it is fully charged, the user gets up to 40 minutes of fully powered hair removal. This device works on either wet or dry skin, though it is most effective when the skin is perfectly dry. When epilating wet skin, the user has to contend with hair sticking to the skin, which slows down the process. However, some people choose to epilate immediately after bathing because that is when their skin and hair are their most relaxed; allowing the hairs to be removed easier.

As with most epilators, the HP-6527 has a detachable head, which can be cleaned under running water between uses without damaging the electrical parts in the main body. This device comes with a razor head that can be swapped in to take care of any particular stubborn areas of hair. Or even for preparing areas of longer hair for epilating.

There are many benefits to epilating. It yanks the whole hair out of the skin, yielding similar results as waxing. However, unlike waxing, epilating is done without the hot, messy wax. This makes it the easier, more convenient option for people who want the smooth feel of being waxed without having to pay for a salon experience.

While hair must be about a centimetre long for wax to grab onto it, an epilator can successfully take hold of hair that is one millimetre long. One can epilate three or four days after shaving, eliminating the awkward and embarrassing regrowth phase that one must endure in the weeks leading up to a waxing appointment.


  • A capable epilator despite only having 20 tweezers
  • Full set of attachments lets you tackle any area of the body
  • Both cordless and wet/dry ready the HP 6527 is great for those living life on the go


  • Lack of a close-up light can mean some hairs escape your attention

Our Opinion on the Philips SatinSoft HP-6527 Epilator

There are a few downsides to epilating. The biggest inconvenience is that it takes much longer to epilate a large expanse of skin like a leg than it does to wax it. It also hurts a bit more, since the hairs are being plucked out in smaller patches at a slower rate; some people report that an overall skin-deep soreness can start to sink in during a long epilating session. Though there are means to eliminate the discomfort if one takes the proper precautions. There is also the issue of angles and visibility, depending on the area that one is epilating.

A close up of the philips hp6527 boxThough epilating is a popular hair removal method for the bikini area, using the device directly on intimate or delicate areas is not for the feint hearted. Anyone who wants to go further than the basic bikini treatment should be sure of their ability in handling the epilator and that they use a cap/attachment that is designed for sensitive areas.

Epilating is ideal for the underarms, where the hair grows thicker, darker and more quickly than anywhere else on the body. Many women epilate their underarms as often as once every two weeks, and they become so adept at this process that they are able to complete both sides in under five minutes total. Just think, you can wear sleeveless tops and dresses without worrying about embarrassing stubble or the dark shadows that are caused by the dark hair right under the surface of the skin.

Epilating can be messy. It is best to use the device in a dry bathtub that can be rinsed afterwards. One benefit of waxing is that all of the hair is stuck to the wax after removal and can be simply thrown out. Epilating removes hairs one by one, leaving them to fall where the user is standing. It is somewhat difficult to prevent all of the hair from spilling everywhere, and cleaning it up afterwards is nearly as time consuming as the actual epilation process. If a bathtub is unavailable, one can epilate while standing on a dry towel that can be shaken out and then washed.

The weakest aspect of the Philips SatinSoft HP6527 Wet/Dry Epilator  is the fact that its charge only lasts for 40 minutes. It takes a beginner that long just to cover one leg! Though it should be said that for some the inconvenience of waiting to recharge is balanced by the benefits of not being limited by an electrical cord.

Final Thoughts

Philips epilators are among the fastest on the market, making them very effective and as painless as any hair removal treatment can reasonably be. The bonus razor head and the option of using the device on wet or dry skin makes this a great choice for anyone who is interested in hair removal that lasts longer than shaving.

20Y2YNDetachable shaving head
Trimmer comb
Massage attachment
Sensitive area cap

You can see just how well the SatinSoft HP 6527 stacks up against other epilators on our comparison chart here.

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