Panasonic ES-ED90 Wet/Dry Epilator Review

The Panasonic ES-ED90 is perfect for use either wet or dry.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”, and with the Panasonic ES-ED90 Wet/Dry Women’s Epilator, you definitely get your money’s worth. The ES-ED90 is one of the first epilators that i got to run my beady eye over and i have to say it comes up trumps.  Offering a 60-degree wide head that spins and flows with the natural contour of the body is just one of its features and i thought it best to start with these to see what sets it apart from the competition. This system is more efficient and completely employs the 48 tweezers within the epilator.

As an added benefit, you can spread on a bit of body wash to the epilators wet discs, and generate a foamy stream as the epilator discs begin to rotate. This process with allow the hairs on your skin to stand up, so the device can grab onto your hair swiftly and painlessly.

Features at a Glance

  • Wet or dry, multifunction epilator & attachments
  • Double and wide discs that provide 48 accurate spinning tweezers to grip short or thick hair quickly and efficiently
  • A LED light to shine on smaller, harder to spot hair
  • Huge surface area coverage – the epilator is equipped with and attachment for the legs and arms
  • Battery operated and washable


  • The battery life is superb. With a full charge, you can epilate your entire body – arms, legs, bikini line and underarm areas before depleting the battery.
  • Included is a ‘gentle’ cap that easily fits over the epilator head and making it much milder and gentle on the skin. However, most do not use this cap as the process is virtually pain-free, but it’s a neat little addition for the beginner.
  • This epilator works great dry or in the inside of a bath or shower. Using while you are in the bath reduces the sensation and opens your pores for easier access to the root of the hair, and of course perhaps, more importantly, less pain.
  • This particular model removes the hair quickly, the first go-round, and leaves the skin smooth and a freshly-shaved feeling all of the time… The head of this epilator is flexible and pivots to follow the contours of your body which I quite like, as not all epilators have this feature and it really makes the whole experience a lot easier.
  • No need to buy blade refills for razors, or spend a tonne of money on spa waxes. You’ll save a lot of money with a one-time purchase of the Panasonic ES-ED90.
  • It’s fast and efficient hair removal is great for those impromptu nights out and at a push, you can use it dry for smooth legs on the way to a dinner date.


Our Opinion on the Panasonic ES-ED90 Epilator

The tilting head of the panasonic epilator allows it to easily follow the contours of your body.Coming from such a big brand name as Panasonic as you might expect this device oozes quality and appears to work as promised, certainly it reduces the need for shaving. Although it claims to be great for either wet or dry use, most seem to prefer the bath or shower method. Dry use can cause a bit of pain and blotchy skin compared to use in the shower which is my own proffered method.

For most, the Panasonic ES-ED90 completely replaces the need for shaving using razors. Razors can leave bumps, and typically the hair grows back extremely fast. Using this particular epilator from Panasonic is easier on the skin and is needed much less than shaving the traditional way.

Whilst some consider the price to be a bit much, you’ll save money in the long run; from buying razors, paying for professional waxing, etc.…  And looking at the bigger picture, it’s really no more expensive than any of the other top of the line epilators so we can’t really fault if for that, as long as it delivers on its promises, and it does! With the majority of young women preferring epilating to waxing, it’s not hard to see why epilators like the ES-ED90 are so popular.

This epilator also provides the benefit of two speed settings, an entirely waterproof casing, 40 continuous minutes of battery life (cordless usage when dry) and only requires one hour of charge time until reusable again. This is quite impressive as I’ve had cheaper models in the past and they literally have to leave them charging all night just to get 30 minutes of use out of them in the morning.

One thing that i should definitely mention as its rarely seen in such epilator sets is that the ES-ED90 comes equipped with a wonderful foot care accessory attachment, which allows you to rid yourself successfully of dead skin cells and smooth away dry skin and calluses from the feet. Not to mention giving the foot a gentle massage, which is always a good thing

Final Thoughts

Being lightweight, the Panasonic ES-ED90 Wet/Dry Women’s Epilator is portable enough to carry in handbags and overnight bags. You can quickly remove hair in a moment’s notice, and enjoy smoother and stubble-free skin. It’s the perfect companion for weekend trips, even great for quick, unplanned hair removal on your legs for a dip in the pool.

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You can see just how well the Panasonic ES-ED90 stacks up against other epilators on our comparison chart here.

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