Numbing Cream for Epilating

Whilst epilating truly does give amazing long term results, there can be no denying there is a certain amount of pain involved, even for the more experienced users. So the question that spings to mind is, how can one reduce or eliminate the pain? Well, unfortunately the simple answer has been in the past, that you can never truly eliminate the pain.

Sure as your skin grows accustomed to the action of the epilator it does hurt a little less each time. Prolonged use will even start to transform your growing hair into a less coarse, less dense growth that doesn’t hurt as much as your fist time.

However, even long term experienced users will admit that there is still some pain involved, albeit though most of us will have trained our minds to block out the signals to the extent that it is barely noticeable… But, noticeable it still is!

What if i where to tell you that you could apply a numbing cream to the area being epilated, that was able to eliminate the pain before you ever felt it?

What on Earth is Numbing Cream?

Some brainiac out there has come up with the marvel that is lidocaine cream, which is essentially a local¬†anaesthetic used to numb the area in question. Which some of you readers may be familiar with, if you’ve ever had laser hair removal treatment. During which, the lidocaine cream is used to treat the area being zapped causing a numbing sensation in the skin and preventing any discomfort from the laser itself.

The best news is, this also works great for us epilator users!

What is the Best Numbing Cream for Epilating?

In my opinion you can’t beat the Dr.Numb Topical Anaesthetic cream, but you can compare the top sellers below and make your own choice…

Dr.Numb Topical AnaestheticLanacane Medicated Skin CreamNo Scream Wax CreamAnodesyn OintmentGermolene Antiseptic Cream
5% Active Ingredient3% Active Ingredient20% Active Ingredient0.5% Active Ingredient~1.5% Active Ingredient

The Top 5

As you can see above there are a number of creams readily available at your local chemists, some of which could well come as a surprise…

  1. Dr.Numb Topical Anaesthetic – Primarily marketed as a tattoo and waxing numbing cream i find this by far the number one choice simply due to the impressive level of numbness it gives, even when compared to other creams with a higher active ingredient percentage.
  2. Lanacane Medicated Skin Cream – At 3% active ingredient it’s not quite as strong as some of the others but it still does a very effective job. However it’s the low price and massive 60g tube that helps Lanacane really pick up the points and it thoroughly deserves its number 2 spot in my list.
  3. No Scream Wax Cream – I absolutely love the name of this one, and now my friends have it permanently etched into their minds after me singing it all night to them on a girls night out. Enough about that though, how well does it work? Well with its massive 20% active ingredient it’s right up there with the best of them in terms of numbness, the only downside is that its primarily a US product so you’re unlikely to find this stocked in your local chemists.
  4. Anodesyn Ointment – I have to say i was a little unsure about this suggest from my Aunt, as well…. it’s primarily marketed as a haemorrhoids cream! But (after perhaps one too many glasses of wine over the festive period – i swear, i’m not an alcoholic!) i agreed to give it a try on a small area of my leg and i have to say it does actually work, though certainly not the strongest of numbing. Perhaps it’s best to keep this one at the back of the mind for those worst case scenarios!
  5. Germolene Antiseptic Cream – Another suggestion from a relative, most of us probably remember Germolene from when we where kids and any scraped knee or cut hand would be treated by our loving mums with this stuff. Interestingly it also contains a local anaesthetic which can help numb the skin, however if i’m honest it’s not that strong compared to the other mentioned creams above. It’s nice to know it’s available if you happen to have nothing else to hand in an emergency, but it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice.

How it Works

Basically, the local anaesthetic aspect of the cream is doing all the work here, if you’ve ever been to the dentists and has a similar anaesthetic then you know what it’s all about – just without any needles! The anaesthetic temporarily numbs the area it’s applied to, preventing the nerves from sending any pain signals to the brain.

So it’s simply a case of applying the cream to the area of skin to be epilated, normally around 45 minutes before you plan on epilating to give it time to work it’s magic. Then, epilate as normal and enjoy a pain free hair removal experience, yay!

Will any Numbing Cream Work?

In theory, yes as long as it contains lidocaine and as always you should check with your Dr/Dermatologist/Chemist to see if the cream is suitable for your skin, particularly if you have any special skin conditions to consider.

There are even a few who use baby teething gel to similar effect. However, i would suggest testing a small amount on a very small area of skin before going all out and coating yourself head-to-toe in it! Particularly if you’re testing on the more sensitive areas around your bikini line.

If you’re unsure, i’d suggest sticking to one of the recommendations above.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, all you need to know about using numbing cream for epilating but don’t just take my word for it, try it and let us know how it works for you in the comments section below. Or if you have any other unusual tips i’d love to hear them!

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