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An epilator removes the hair from your body by grasping many hairs at once and then pulling them out. Similar to waxing, by using the pulling action, the epilator does not take out cells from within the epithelium of the skin. The epilator is virtually free from parts that would require replacement, and they usually come equipped with cords to plug-in or batteries that are rechargeable.

The Advantages of Using An Epilator

Epilators, no matter which type is used, provides an advantage over most other methods of hair removal, in that they remove hair as well as the root of the follicle. Neither shaving nor tweezing can perform as well as an epilator as they’re unable to remove the root of the hair, particularly in the case of shaving. The process will usually take around 10 to 15 minutes for an experienced user, though it can take quite a bit longer for first timer users and those of us who are still getting used to the sensation. Whilst it should be said that the epilator does not permanently remove the hair, regrowth is much slower, and the hair is typically much finer than the regrowth of hair using the shaving or tweezing method.

For Longer Lasting Smooth Skin

People have sought hair removal since the dawn of time, and it’s no surprise that epilating is amongst the more popular methods of modern day users. Epilation provides a much smoother result that will typically last around 4-6 weeks. Because it removes the hairs from their root and the regrowth process is much slower than results from shaving, creams, or even waxing. Which means your next epilating session is going to be a lot easier and not to mention quicker!

For All over Body Hair

As you’re probably aware there are many brands of epilators and some come with a range of various attachments which I absolutely love. Perhaps it’s my inner gadget geek but for me the more attachments the better! Depending on which model you select, these attachments can be used wherever you may need hair removed. These Epilator attachments are designed specifically for superior outcomes and can be used in places such as; the face and lips, legs, arms and even on your bikini line. You’ll also find the upper ranges can come with exfoliating and massaging caps alongside the expected ones which I think is really great.

No longer will you need 2 or 3 separate devices when your epilator can exfoliate, epilate and massage all in the single device.

Choose your ideal epilator from our epilator reviews comparison table.

For Sensitive Skin

Wet n Dry Epilators are becoming more and more popular as you can use them in the bath or a shower which I find a lot more hygienic and less of a hassle to clean up after. Another huge benefit of using the Epilator in warm water is that a bath or shower will prepare the skin for the process, and reduce any possible pain and rashes from appearing; irritations that can be common with some skin types using a dry technique. This method is also most suitable for reducing pain and hence definitely something I’d suggest for those new to epilating or trying it out for the first time, or indeed those of us with especially sensitive skin types.

Epilators using the tweezing function will not pull directly on the skin when removing the hair from the body, causing minimal to no pain at all when used in warm baths or showers. Epilating for hair removal is also great during colder and dryer seasons, as cracked skin can easily be irritated by shaving, waxing or using creams.

If you suffer from severe acne then epilating can be one of the few options you can safely use however depending on the severity of your condition it’s always recommended to check with your doctor or dermatologist to see if epilating would be suitable for your skin and any treatments you are receiving.

According to leading dermatologists, using the Wet & Dry Epilator provides significant advantages: over half of women participating in product testing experience little to no pain at all with this particular type of epilator.

More Efficient At Removing Hair than Waxing

Even though both waxing and epilating will remove the root of the hair, waxing will typically leave behind flattened hairs against the skin and shorter hairs that it is just unable to get a grip on, creating more work and pain for the user. Some Epilators feature patented systems that are designed to loosen, lift and the gently pluck the hair – including short or flattened hair and some of these are truly great, and others..well, they’re not so good. In truth, the Epilator is far better than waxing at removing hair that is shorter and hard to grasp.

Three Types of Hair-Removing Epilators

The three major types of Epilators are Spring, rotating disc and tweeze. All devices are designed to pull out the hair at the skin’s surface and from the root and are perfect for at-home use and do not require an expert. These tools require no motions, creams or messy products, so you can use them in the shower, bath, or even while watching TV with a glass of wine in the other hand.

If you are a first-time user of the Epilator, I fully recommended testing a small area of hair to make certain that you are ready for more sensitive hairline areas of the skin. Some epilators come equipped with a pain-reducing mechanism to ensure the maximum amount of comfort through the process.

The recommended method of using the Epilator is to use the same device every time.  This is due to your skin getting used to the motion of the device and switching back and forth from different units may cause unneeded pain and can produce patchy results.

Tips for Epilating

  • Everybody’s skin is different, but most of us are more relaxed and desensitised when we are bathing in warm water. Not only are you relaxed but your pores are open, and the hair is much easier to grip – giving you a pain-free epilation and even results. If you are using a Wet & Dry Epilator, go for the wet method, and you’ll have a gentler process and a better outcome.

Wet Epilation

  • Epilating while bathing: For optimum results, begin epilating once you are calm and relaxing in warm water; usually after around five minutes or so. With your leg submerged in the water, do the same with the epilator and begin the process.
  • Epilating in the Shower: After showering for around five minutes, you can apply shower gel and begin the process. Make certain to keep treatment areas wet for best results.

Dry Epilation

  • Your skin needs to be clean and free from oils or products. Simply apply the Epilator to the areas you want to remove, making certain that your skin is completely dry at all times. Apply lotion as needed after the process is complete.
  • You may find that by stretching the skin between your fingers before moving the epilator over the area can give you better results, particularly for beginners.
  • Brush the Epilator in a motion against the natural hair growth. This allows the epilator to better grip the hair and giving a more even result.
  • It’s best not to use the epilator just before going out on a hot date or a night out with the girls. The process, if using the dry method, may leave redness that can be noticeable to others. To soothe the skin, use lotion after each use.

Regular exfoliation is ideal for preventing the growth of new hairs. It removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin. By eliminating dead cells, your hairs will have a clearer path to the surface of the skin, allowing better results with Epilation. Consider exfoliating the treatment areas the day before Epilation to ensure the best results possible.

If you are concerned about ingrown hairs, don’t be. With ingrown hairs, the hair has curled back and is growing toward your hair follicle. Although it creates a small bump sometimes, the Epilation process will actually remove the hair. One again, exfoliating prior to Epilating will help prevent ingrown hairs from occurring.

Epilating is preferred by most women who do not like shaving or waxing, and by those who like not having to shave once or twice a week. As the hair’s root is pulled with the process, typically, it will not be necessary to epilate more than twice a month and most of us will be able to get away with up 6 weeks of hair freeness. Epilators are a great solution to razor burn or waxing bumps, and you don’t have to use it every other day.

Remember, whichever brand of epilator you purchase, it’s an investment. You’ll save money from waxing or shaving, and will save time because you can use it at home and at your convenience. Now that you know what epilating is and how best to do it you’re in the ideal position to make an informed choice on which epilator is best suited to you from our comparison table.

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