The Best Face Epilator for Effective Facial Hair Removal

Let us help you choose the best face epilator

If you have found your way to this page you probably already know what a face epilator is and what it is used for. However, when I first started on my journey to find the most effective way to remove unwanted facial hair I had no idea where to start or what to google.

First of all, I would like to welcome you all to this page and secondly, I would like to tell you that it is nothing to be ashamed of. We can’t all choose our genes like we choose, well… our jeans, but we can certainly take control of how we feel about ourselves.

This isn’t something you should feel like you have to do because by no means am I trying to discourage anyone from being themselves, and doing what makes them feel good and looking naturally. But, that is also the point. Using a facial epilator is all about what makes you feel good and confident. And if you have never tried one before I am here to help guide you through the world of epilators in the search for the best.

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But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves we should start with the basics. What is an epilator? An epilator is a personal grooming device that removes unwanted hair. It does this with a rotating head that is fixed with tweezers, which you guide along the area you would like to remove hair from. The tweezers will remove the hair from the root as you go leaving you with smooth soft skin. Simple huh?

Benefits of Buying the Best Facial Epilator

The benefits of using an epilator are the same as tweezing, only now you can streamline the process to make it fast and easy with a machine. I’m not going to go into some long spiel about how using this product will make your hair grow in thinner.

  • The vast majority of users will experience the added benefit of thinner hair growth, but others will not. This is a fact that not a lot of people will tell you. However, using an epilator will at least make the hair removal process a lot less time-consuming. If you’re interested in other hair removal myths, Bridget March recently published a list of some of the more obvious myths on Cosmo.
  • The immediate benefit is that you don’t have to painstakingly find each individual hair and prepare to yank them out one by one. Rather the epilator does that for you; you only need move it to the areas you would like hair removed making it great for removing fine hair around your lips or the coarse hair or your eyebrows (or vice versa). This can save you loads of time in your morning beauty routine.
  • Another major benefit of using an epilator is that like tweezing or waxing it removes the hair from the root, meaning you get smooth looking skin without any of the residue stubble like with shaving. Additionally, you run less of a risk of irritation or an allergic reaction like what can happen with creams and ointments used to remove hair.
  • But, possibly the most important benefit of using an epilator instead of the other alternatives on the market is that the hair takes longer to grow back. Using an epilator is on par with waxing, as it removes the hair with the root resulting in a smooth surface on the skin for up to several weeks. This is certainly worth it if hair removal is a big part of your beauty routine.
  • I suggest a hand held epilator for precision controlAdditionally, no matter what epilator you choose, odds are it will be small enough for you to fit in your purse, which is great for quick hair removal on the go or touching up a few spots here and there. Nothing worse than flicking open the mirror and noticing a stray facial hair before a hot date!
  • The last benefit of epilating as opposed to other hair removal options is that the hair doesn’t have to be of a minimum length to do it. When waxing you need to let the hair grow out but with an epilator, you can do it pretty much any time you see hair growing in. Though unless you’re a glutton for punishment, I suggest trimming hair that is longer than 5mm before epilating.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Face Epilator

So, now that you are a little more familiar with what an epilator has to offer there are a few things you should consider before buying one.

  • How Many Tweezers? Always pay attention to the number of tweezers used on the head of the epilator because this will determine how many hairs you can remove at a time. The higher the number the faster each session will be, and the more comfortable it will feel on sensitive areas such as the upper lip.
  • Face or Body? Some devices are designed specifically for the face and others for general use. Both of these have their pluses when it comes to epilating facial hair. You’ll likely find one designed for the face is easier to use and move around your face with a greater degree of accuracy than an all over epilator that is fitted with a facial cap.
  • Accessories? Like with many other beauty products there will always be accessories you can get to use the product in a few different ways, and the epilator is no different. There are some accessories you can get to go with the device to help you exfoliate your skin which is obviously a huge plus in my book. Though they are not necessary for the function of the epilator they can sweeten the deal. Finally, a facial cleansing brush is always a plus.

Quick Tips to Know Before Purchasing

So, let’s take a moment to talk about the elephant in the room. Pain. It’s perfectly normal to fear pain when first getting started with an epilator or considering waxing. Well, here’s the thing. It gets better, I promise. I know, I know, it’s not the most comforting thing to hear but it’s really all I can say. As long as you epilate consistently you will get used to the feeling.

One way to make this at least a little better is to use a numbing cream for your first few sessions. Additionally, I recommend placing your favourite moisturiser lotion in the fridge before applying it post epilation, as the added cold sensation can help to soothe the pain.

What’s the Best Facial Epilator?

Now we are ready to get down to business and see which of these is the best face epilator.

#1 The Braun Face 810 Facial Epilator

The Braun face 810 facial epilator is my number one choice due to ease of use and efficiencyIn the number one spot is our Braun Face 810 review. Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of the Braun brand of epilators, and it’s no surprise to see them here. So let’s take a closer look at some of the features it has to offer.

  • 10 micro-openings.
  • Comes with an exfoliating & cleansing brush.
  • Easy to move around the face.
  • Tested for daily use.

The Breakdown of Features

This particular model, the Braun Facial Epilator, comes with ten micro-openings (tweezers) and has a separate attachment for facial cleansing and exfoliation.

The Advantages

The primary advantage to choosing this epilator over the competition is the sheer ease of use combined with precision accuracy. Personally, I find a “full size” epilator to be difficult to move around the face, particularly when dealing with the eyebrows. The 810 is a perfect size though and its hand-sized grip gives you the most accurate control of all, something that is extremely important when epilating your face.

It also comes with a cleansing and exfoliating brush, which is good for keeping your face looking fresh and healthy as well as blemish-free. With a slightly different mechanism to the others, the 810 features 10 micro openings that lift and separate even the finest of hairs. I found this really effective at dealing with peach fuzz on the face and downy hairs, so bonus points there.

What I really like is that it can be taken with you anywhere and used every day to maintain your eyebrows or remove the delicate hair around your lip with the minimum of fuss.

The Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to this epilator is if you have particularly coarse hair. You may find that you have to run it over problem areas more than once in order to get all the hair removed.

10 Micro OpeningsN1BatteryNCleansing Brush£££4.5 out of 5

#2 The Braun Silk Epil 9-558 Women’s Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

The Braun Silk Epil 9-558 comes with free facial epilatorHere in our number two spot, we have the latest offering from Braun, the Silk Epil 9-558 Epilator; this one I’ve been really excited about and have been planning on replacing my old Epil 7 with it. First of all, let’s see if they are bringing any new features to the table.

  • Epilation head is now 40% wider.
  • For wet and dry use.
  • Comes with three attachments.
  • Comes with free 810 Face Epilator.

The Breakdown of Features

Not only do you get the latest and greatest version of Brauns best selling epilator, but you also get a free Braun Face epilator too. Of course, this comes at an increased price, but if like me you’re planning on upgrading to the Silk Epil 9-558 then this is a great epilator for face and body.

The main improvement over previous models is the 40% wider head. However, whilst it is wider, it doesn’t contain any more tweezers than before which is a shame, though it still makes epilating sessions a little faster. The Silk Epil-9 can also be used for dry and wet use in order to reduce the discomfort of epilating and for simpler clean up. This deal comes with the epilator and two caps, one for massage and the other for close contact with the skin to protect it from abrasions.

The Advantages

Having had a chance to play with the 9-558 for a little I have to say I’m impressed, the wider head makes short work of epilating large areas such as your cheeks. What’s most important to me, however, is that it does a very, very good job of removing hairs. Nothing worse than having to go over the same area of skin time and time again to make sure all hairs are removed. Brauns sales blurb says that the Epil 9 can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm which is pretty amazing in my book. It makes removing soft downy facial hair a no fuss process.

I like that it offers both a facial epilator and cleansing brush, and you really cannot fault Braun on their range of attachments. They always have a great selection that expands the capabilities of the device well beyond that of others.

With a full body and separate facial epilator, you get the best of both worlds. You can use the main epilator to remove facial hair on your cheeks or jaw line, and the 810 Facial epilator for precision hair removal, such as on your eyebrows or upper lip. A win-win in my book.

The Disadvantages

The only real disadvantage to this product is the price, which is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum for epilators. If you want to be able to use it right out of the shower or before running out of the door, there is a price for convenience.

40Y2YYMassage Cap
Skin Contact Cap
Cleansing Brush
£££££4.5 out of 5

#3 Ma Devlins Epi Travel Slim Compact Epilator

The Ma Devlins Epi Travel Slim is ok for the price, but there are better epilators availableOur 3rd choice is the Ma Devlins Travel Epilator which at first glance I wasn’t impressed, but after actually using it I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. So let’s take a look at what this travel size epilator has to offer.

  • 9 tweezers.
  • Portable.
  • Compact design for travel use.
  • Batteries sold separately.

The Breakdown of Features

This epilator made by Ma Devlins is designed for your travel convenience and is portable as well as functional. It comes with nine tweezers on the head for fast and accurate use on the go. Whilst not the greatest number of tweezers, it works well for use on the face. This epilator is battery operated and can fit conveniently inside a purse or bag, which makes it an obvious choice for travel too.

One thing I want to mention is that this device isn’t marketed for use on the face, indeed there is a legal disclaimer in the instructions that states it shouldn’t be used on the face. I thought this a little odd as it seems ideal, my nan uses this very model to remove hairs on her chin and swears by it. With this in mind, I strongly suggest testing this device on a small patch of skin before moving on to more sensitive areas such as your lips.

The Advantages

The major advantage this product brings to the table are twofold. It is designed to be extremely portable with a compact design and battery operation. This is great for a quick after work touch up to meet friends for a cocktail or just for the peace of mind, it might offer. The other major benefit this device offers its users is the price, coming in as the most cost effective entry on our list the investment to try this little guy out is very affordable.

The Disadvantages

The only downside to this epilator is that you get what you pay for, and when it comes to plucking your hair out you might want to go with the more reliable option. Personally, I found it by far the roughest experience of those in our list, you can really feel it pulling those hairs out! That said, it’s certainly not as painful as waxing your nostrils, which some brave souls actually do. Another downside is the lack of a facial cleansing brush, though it’s not surprising considering the price.

Though this is a great epilator to put in your purse as a backup, you may want to simply pay a little extra money to get a reliable one to remove facial hair.

9N1BatteryYNone£3 out of 5

#4 The Zevron Facial Epilator Wand

The Zevron Facial Hair Remover Kit comes epi wand and eyebrow shaper making it ideal for removing all facial hair.I have to say I was a little unsure about including this in the list, but I’m glad that I did. You see I received one as a gift and if I’m honest, it went in the back of my drawer and I didn’t look at it properly until recently (Sorry aunt J!). So what does it have to offer? Well, let’s take a look…

  • Manual epilator allows you to go at your own pace
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Simple and surprisingly effective
  • Free eyebrow shaper tool

The Breakdown of Features

As I mentioned above I wasn’t too sure about this when I first received it. However, for the sake of being thorough, I dug it out over the bank holiday weekend and had a play with it. What? Isn’t this just a spring? Well, yes, it is! And that is the beauty of it in my opinion.

It takes a little to get the right technique, but essentially you bend it into a U-shape and allow the spring to close around the hair(s) in question, gripping them firmly. Now comes the nifty bit, you simply rotate the handles between your fingers, rotating the spring which grips the hairs and pulls them out at the root. Sounds familiar? It should as this is the very technique every mechanical epilator out there uses and is a modern take on traditional threading hair removal.

After a little trial and error I found myself twisting away whilst watching TV at the weekend, and before I knew it I’d de-fuzzed one cheek. Yes, that’s a technical term! Now it certainly wasn’t the quickest experience, but I think it would be great for removing those random stray hairs that I always seem to get under my chin.

The Advantages

The top advantage for me is the precision it allows you, I found that I was able to target specific hairs to remove. Perhaps more importantly for some, as the action is entirely manual you can go at your own pace, as fast or slow as you need. This makes it ideal for use on sensitive skin as often fear & uncertainty about epilator technique can cause more discomfort than is necessary for the beginner.

It’s also quite handy as you don’t need to worry about whether it’s charged or not, as it isn’t electric powered. So you can take it into the bathroom and even into the shower with you.

Finally, it comes with an eyebrow shaper tool, so you have all you need to remove hair from any area of your face, including your forehead.

The Disadvantages

For me, the biggest flaw in this product is the amount of time it takes. It’s ok for removing the occasional hair, but if you plan on removing a lot of facial hair, you’d best make sure that you have a weekend free!

The instructions also state that you should not wash the wand in water, not entirely sure why and it seems a little odd. However, I found that using an old makeup brush as a cleaning brush makes it easy to cleanse, so not such a huge problem overall.

1Nn/an/aNEyebrow shaper£3 out of 5

The Final Verdict

In my opinion, the best facial epilator is the Braun Face 810 due to the moderate price and the ability to precisely remove hair from all areas of your face. Couple this with the extra features it comes with, improving the overall health of your skin with the cleansing option rather than simply appealing to the aesthetic. But, don’t take my word for it, each entry includes a link in the title so you can compare each and read customer reviews. I hope this guide was helpful to all you beautiful people out there.

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