Braun Silk-epil 7 Skin Spa Wet/Dry Cordless Epilator Review

The braun skinspa comes complete with a super sonic exfolation head

When it comes to beauty, there is no end to techniques, processes and fool-proof methods. It can be hard to know which theory to listen to, especially when it comes to the skin. Hair removal is one beauty treatment that has gone down several paths. Whether it is shaving, plucking or waxing, beauty always seems to involve pain and a lot of cash. Shaving often results in tiny red bumps, waxing is expensive and plucking takes forever. So, what is the answer? Hair removal may have to involve a little pain, but it does not have to be expensive and time consuming. An epilator is the best of both worlds because it removes the bumps and is also affordable. If someone is worried about pain, the best way to go is an epilator that offers exfoliation.

And what better way to exfoliate with than a super sonic exfoliation brush? Yeah, i wasn’t exactly sure what it meant either but i do have a sonic toothbrush that i absolutely love so was curious to get my hands on this gadget. As it turns out, the sonic bit simply means that the exfoliating brushes vibrate at a super fast speed. This speed helps remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrowing hairs which can be a particular problem when epilating the bikini line. I have to say the exfoliation process is quite a pleasant feeling, so much that i admit i got distracted from the task in hand!

The Braun Silk-epil 7 Skin Spa Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator and Sonic Exfoliation Brush isn’t just a mouthfull to pronounce, it’s also the perfect option for hair removal. Not only does it offer longer-lasting removal, but the exfoliation brush keeps skin fresh and clean while also helping with the pain and preventing those nasty ingrown hairs.

The Skin Spa Wet and Dry works to remove even the shortest body hair. The tweezing process offers better results than both shaving or waxing and better exfoliation than a regular scrub. Without the burden of red irritation bumps or the mess of waxing, the Braun Epilator and Exfoliation Brush offers a new option for both shaving as well as skin treatment.


  • Wet and Dry Capabilities: Since the device is cordless, it can be used both inside and outside of the shower. With its wet and dry capabilities, a gentler experience is granted. However, it is recommended that you exfoliate out of the bath in order for the sonic brushes to work their magic.
  • Sonic Exfoliation Technology: The sonic exfoliation brush offers 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute that offer better skin exfoliation than even professional treatments. Not to mention those weird and wonderfull home exfoliation treatments!
  • High Density Exfoliation Brush: 10,000 extremely fine bristles work against the skin in order to remove dead skin cells and provide a smooth healthy finish.
  • Ergonomic Angle: The epilator is designed with an ergonomic angle that makes it easy to use over any area of the body.
  • Close-grip Technology: The 40 close-grip tweezers are able to remove the shortest and finest hairs down to 0.5 mm leaving your skin smooth and hair free for up to four weeks.
  • High Frequency Massage System: The system works to stimulate the skin while the epilator is being used in order to provide the most gentle epilation process available.
  • Pivoting Head: The pivoting head allows for easy movement over various contours of the body which results in a quick and simple process.
  • Smartlight: The epilator comes with a small “Smartlight” that pinpoints even the smallest hairs against the body.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable: This epilator comes is cordless and comes with an easy re-charge method. With up to 45 minutes of run time and a one hour recharge time, it is simple to use over and over again.
  • Special Attachments: The product comes with 4 added attachments. A shaver head, used for shaving preferences, trimmer cap, used for trimming longer body hair, facial cap, used to protect the face when epilating, and a sensitive areas cap, used to protect sensitive areas, such as the bikini line, from epilation.


The silkspa comes with a detachable exfolation head.
  • Epilation removes the hair from the root, which results in longer periods of hair removal.
  • The exfoliation brush offers an easy way to keep skin fresh and clean.
  • The cordless feature makes it easy to use anywhere, even in the shower.
  • Epilation is cheaper than waxing and waxing is not any less painful.
  • Over time, epilation reduces the amount of hair growth on the body.
  • The extra shaving head makes shaving an easy option if needed for those particularly stubborn areas of hair.
  • Users do not have to worry about hurting sensitive areas while epilating due to the extra caps that are offered.
  • Tweezers only have to be replaced every nine months.


  • Epilation is often painful, more painful than regular shaving, and takes some getting used to for a first time user.
  • If the device is not charged, it cannot be used, which may present problems if someone is in a hurry.
  • Exfolation brush will need replacing from time to time however you can likely pick up a replacement head from Boots or your local chemist.
  • Epilators do not usually grab all the hair with one swip and may need to be run over the body several times.
  • It’s right up there with the priciest of epilators when compared with others, however the added gadgets such as the sonic exfoliation and massage can explain this price.

Final Thoughts

The Braun Silk Epil 7 SkinSpa is a great little epilator and the sonic exfoliation brushes really do their job well, leaving the skin smooth and with a healthy looking glow. As you may have come to expect from Braun the epilating experience itself is top notch, providing smooth skin and long lasting results. Epilation is the future in hair removal. With the results of waxing at half the price, it is hard to beat.

40Y2YYShaver head

Trimmer cap

Sensitive area cap

Facial cap


You can see just how well the Braun SilkSpa stacks up against other epilators on our comparison chart here.

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