Braun 5780 Epilator and Cooling Glove Review

The braun 5780 epilator is a very nice bit of kit

The Braun Silk Epilator is an excellent choice for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Unlike many other epilators on the market, it doesn’t claim to do everything with just one tool. Instead, this particular model actually comes with five attachments, each designed to do a specific job and a soothing glove that can be used on the affected skin after it has been epilated.

This cooling and soothing glove is really quite a neat little thing and is not something you often see given away with epilators. I found it quite usefull though, the idea being you can use the glove to gently massage the area to be epilated beforehand. This helps prepare the skin for the session and can also be used afterwards to help soothe the skin and decrease any inflammation first time users may feel.

Though of course if you find the cooling glove usefull, you may also find a cream that can numb the area to be epilated of much comfort too!


The epilator itself is very good. It features forty tweezers that make it possible to grip and remove even the tiniest of hairs. There’s also a special light, called a Smartlight, that enables the user to find unwanted hairs and helps with removal. Hair removal can also be done at different speeds to match the user’s comfort level.

The product is very easy to use and comes with clear instructions. So, it’s suitable even for someone who is new to epilation. It  also seeks to make the epilation process as comfortable and pain-free as possible, something those new to epilating will especially appreciate. While the epilator is working, brauns fancy pants roller system also massages the skin to increase comfort and diminish the removal sensation.

Another great feature is that the head of the epilator pivots and rotates as needed. This makes it a lot easier to target an entire area for thorough hair removal and to get into those tough-to-reach spots on the face and body.


  • A large selection of attachments means you’re well equipped to tackle any body hair.
  • Cooling glove helps prepare your skin beforehand and soothe it afterwards.
  • Relatively cheap


  • It only has one, but for me it’s a biggie, the 5780 is not cordless and  has to be plugged into the mains socket whilst in use!

Our opinion on the Braun 5780 Epilator

Absolutely any type of hair can be removed with this particular epilator. It is good for getting at hairs in tough spots, small or short hairs, and even hairs that lay flat- which can often be the hardest to remove. None of these hairs are a match for this epilator though- it really lives up to its promise of getting rid of any type of hair.

Not only does the epilator remove hair, but it is also really good for the skin! In the process of massaging the skin and getting rid of hair, it also manages to remove dry and dead skin. So, after use, the skin ends up looking vibrant and refreshed, which is definitely a nice bonus! And we all know the benefits exfoliation has on our skin. Most of the time, skin results only come with professionally done epilation, but using this product really is the same as having a technician do it at a spa.

The epilation and exfoliation results can be achieved whether the product is used wet or dry. It’s very convenient to be able to use the product in the bath or shower but to also be able to use it quickly when changing clothes or on the go.

The one downside to the Braun 5 5780 is that it operates corded only, which means that you must be near a plug socket at all times whilst using this device. Though on the other hand, it also means there are no waiting around for it to recharge, you can just plug it in and go!

The epilator is not at all noisy, so it can be used any time of day or night. It also makes it easier to use the product discreetly. A lot of people are embarrassed, for whatever reason, about hair removal, but no one has to know that epilation is going on with this whisper-quiet product.

It’s important to keep in mind that epilation results are not permanent. How long it will take the hair to grow back after removal is really dependent on the individual and how fast his or her hair grows. However, most people can expect to maintain their results for about six weeks. With time and continued epilation, the amount of time it takes for hair to grow back can sometimes be reduced. Also, for some people, the hair will eventually begin growing back thinner, lighter, and less noticeable.

There are still uses for the epilator even before unwanted hair has grown back. It can also be used as a shaver to get rid of leg hair or underarm hair, which tends to grow back a lot quicker and be a lot more dense than other types of hair. Of course, this hair can be epilated, but there’s usually so much of it, and it’s usually so thick that most people prefer to stick to just standard shaving on these areas.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this epilator is a really great buy and a nice value for the money. It offers salon quality epilating at a low price and leaves the skin smooth and silky after use. A definite must have for any person who is serious about taking care of unwanted hair at home.

40N2NYShaver head

Trimmer cap

Efficiency cap

Sensitive area cap

Facial cap


You can see just how well the Braun 5 5780 compares to other epilators on our comparison chart here.

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