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Well hello there,  first of all, i wanted to say thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet, sorry I haven’t had time to tidy up! Hmm, where to start? Well, as some of you know my name is Emily, I’m 24 years old and live in the UK with my wonderful (leg obsessed!) fiancée. Whilst I’m sure he would love me to say he’s the reason I like to epilate, the reality is pretty much from the get-go I’d been taught that shaving is bad and epilating is where it’s at, with both my mum and aunts keen advocates. And from my own initial unsuccessful experiments with shaving, I am inclined to agree!

So for some years now, I’ve been almost purely epilating, I say almost as I will admit from time to time I do get my legs waxed. Though this is more for the social aspect such as a day out with the girls at the spa.  As you might expect I’ve gotten through quite a few different epilators over the years and recently decided it was time that I replaced my current Silk-epil as I’ve had it a while now and it was starting to make odd noises that I didn’t like the sound of! It was this that prompted my lovely fiancée to suggest I share my opinions on all things epilator related on my own site!

At first, i have to say I wasn’t too keen on the idea as I’m not much use with computers etc but he being a bit of a whizz and a sweetheart offered to take care of the techy side of things. Bless him he still has to help me with pics, they just never seem to go where I want them too!

So that pretty much brings us up to today, as I sit compiling my chart on my top 15 best epilators hopefully it can help give you the information you need to choose just which epilator is best for you.


Emily xx

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